Druck's Pace Series

PACE5000, PACE6000 and Control Module PACE CM3

Welcome to the world of precise pressure measurement and regulation. The Pace series by Druck represents an advanced line of pressure measurement and calibration devices, developed for a variety of industrial applications. This series includes the PACE5000 and PACE6000, as well as the Control Module PACE CM3, all known for their precision, reliability, and user-friendliness.

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PACE5000 and PACE6000: Advanced Modular Pressure Controllers

The PACE5000 and PACE6000 are key components in Druck's advanced range of modular pressure controllers, specifically designed for demanding and versatile applications across various industries. These devices represent a fusion of innovation, precision, and flexibility, engineered to deliver peak performance in challenging environments.

PACE5000: The High-Precision Pressure Controller for Versatile Applications

The PACE5000 stands out as a high-precision pressure controller, specifically developed for test benches, benchtop calibrations, and automated test applications, both in laboratory and production environments. These features make it the ideal instrument for a wide range of requirements.

Modularity and Adaptability The modular design of the PACE5000 allows for the integration of different pressure modules depending on the specific needs and requirements of the application. This flexibility not only ensures high adaptability but also means that the device can grow with the evolving requirements of a facility. This modularity reduces downtime and lowers the overall cost of ownership by providing increased user flexibility.

Performance Features and Precision The PACE5000 is characterized by market-leading control speed and pressure stability in large volumes. A remarkable feature is its stable control behavior without overshooting the setpoint, which is crucial for applications where precise pressure control is required. The PACE5000 can handle pressure values up to 210 bar (3000 psi/21 MPa), both gauge and absolute.

Accuracy and Long-Term Stability In terms of precision, the PACE5000 offers impressive accuracy of 0.001% FS over the calibrated temperature range. Additionally, it guarantees long-term stability of 0.0025% FS per annum. This high accuracy and reliability are essential for processes that require precise pressure control.

User-Friendliness and Versatility Besides its high precision and modularity, the PACE5000 is also known for its user-friendliness. With an intuitive user interface and simple controls, it is easy to operate, reducing training times and increasing efficiency in application. The controller offers 28 selectable pressure units and four user-defined units, further enhancing its versatility.

In summary, the PACE5000 is an outstanding solution for demanding pressure measurement and calibration tasks. With its modular construction, user-friendliness, precision, and long-term stability, it is an indispensable tool in any environment that demands high requirements for pressure measurement and control.

PACE5000 Datasheet

PACE6000: High-Precision Pressure Controller for Versatile Applications

The PACE6000 from Druck is a symbol of precision and flexibility in the world of pressure control. This high-precision pressure controller is specifically designed for use on test benches, as a benchtop device, in rack-mount calibrations, and for automated test applications. The modular structure of the PACE6000 enhances user flexibility, reduces downtime, and lowers the total cost of ownership, making it a valuable investment for various industrial applications.

Advanced Features and Flexibility

  • Dual-Channel Pressure Controller Chassis: The PACE6000 offers a dual-channel system, enabling simultaneous control and monitoring of two independent pressure channels.
  • Aeronautical Option: A special aeronautical option allows complete control in aeronautical units. This feature is especially advantageous for applications in the aerospace industry, where specific aeronautical pressure units are required.
  • No Limitation on Pressure Range Ratio: The PACE6000 has no restrictions on the ratio of pressure ranges in its modules. This opens up unprecedented flexibility for users in adapting the device to specific requirements, regardless of the complexity or specificity of the pressure range.

The PACE6000 represents the flagship model in Druck's series of precise pressure controllers. With its advanced features, including dual-channel capability, aeronautical options, and the ability to integrate PACE CM modules, this device offers unparalleled flexibility and accuracy. Whether in aviation, calibration laboratories, on test benches, or in automated testing environments - the PACE6000 is the ideal solution for professionals with the highest demands on their pressure control and calibration tasks. Its modular design and adaptability to a variety of applications make it a valuable and cost-efficient investment for any organization that prioritizes precision and efficiency.

PACE6000 Datasheet

PACE CM3: Revolutionary Pressure Controller with Unique TERPS Technology

The PACE CM3 is a state-of-the-art pressure control module that represents a significant breakthrough in the PACE 5000 / 6000 pressure controller series. By combining the fastest pressure controllers with the most accurate control module - the CM3 - this system stands out for its exceptional performance characteristics.

Use of TERPS Technology At the heart of the PACE CM3 is the TERPS® (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology established by Druck. This unique technology delivers unprecedented performance by elevating metrological properties to a new level. TERPS technology is characterized by its high precision and sensitivity, enabling extremely accurate pressure measurement and control, which is not achievable with conventional systems.

Precision and Accuracy The PACE CM3 offers impressive accuracy of +/-11ppm rdg + 26ppm FS. This precision is crucial for applications where even the slightest deviation can have significant impacts. The precise control and measurement of pressure make the CM3 an indispensable tool in laboratories, calibration services, and industrial processes where utmost accuracy is required.

Automated Calibration and Data Integration Another strength of the PACE CM3 is its capability for automated calibration and data integration. Thanks to its compatibility with 4Sight2 software, users can enjoy efficient and seamless integration into existing calibration and data management systems. This feature allows for the automation of calibration processes while ensuring comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Long-term Stability In addition to its outstanding accuracy and advanced technology, the PACE CM3 offers impressive long-term stability. This attribute is particularly important in applications where the device must deliver consistent performance over extended periods. The long-term stability of the CM3 ensures that the accuracy and reliability of measurements are maintained over long periods, reducing the need for frequent recalibrations and thus lowering operational costs.

The PACE CM3 by Druck is a revolutionary pressure controller system that redefines the boundaries of precision and efficiency. With advanced TERPS technology, exceptional accuracy, automated calibration, and long-term stability, the CM3 sets new standards in pressure measurement and control. It is the ideal solution for demanding applications in a variety of industries that require the highest precision and reliability.

PACE CM3 Datasheet