PV624 Portable hybrid pressure controller – GENii Advanced Modular Calibration System

  • In-the-field pressure range selection from the GENii PM620/PM620T pressure module family.
  • Hybrid pressure generation and control from -0.9barg (-13psig) to 20barg (300psig).
  • Automatic selection of manual pressure generation, automatic pressure generation or pressure venting with large test volume capability.
  • Physical or *Bluetooth® wireless connection to a DPI620G electrical calibrator.
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PACE 6000

Modular high-precision pressure regulator

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DPI 610E

Portable pressure calibrator

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Portable pressure and optional temperature indicator

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CPG 1500 Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

  • Measuring ranges up to 0 ... 1,000 bar (0 ... 15,000 psi), vacuum and absolute pressure ranges also available
  • Accuracy: up to 0.05 % (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Intrinsically safe version
  • Logger function with up to 50 measured values per second
  • Communication with WIKA-CAL software over WIKA-Wireless
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CPH7000 – Portable process calibrator

  • Manual pressure generation of -0.85 … +25 bar [12.3 ... +360 psi]
  • Accuracy: 0.025 % FS (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Generation/measurement of 0 ... 24 mA and voltage supply DC 24 V
  • Data logger with high measuring rate and large memory
  • Intrinsically safe version
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MultiSystem 5070

  • 5” colored, daylight workable display
  • graphical user interface
  • 42 measuring channels
  • 500 measurements up to 6 million values per measurement
  • scanning rate up to 10 kHz
  • 2 separate CAN
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CPC3050 Pressure controller – High-speed version

  • Pressure ranges: -1 ... 210 bar [-15 ... 3,045 psi]
  • Control speed < 4 seconds for 25 % FS steps
  • Accuracy: to 0.02 % FS
  • PACE emulation
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SITRANS P320 digital pressure transmitter

  • Reduced commissioning time due to remote safety handling
  • Suitable for harsh conditions due to robust materials
  • User-friendly due to clear and large display and diagnostic icons acc. to NAMUR NE107 and a quick start wizard
  • Maintenance cost reduction due to proof test interval up to 15 years
  • Fast reaction and optimized processes due to reduced response time
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PVCHECKs-PRO Commissioning tester for PV system up to 1500V / 40A

  • Insulation measurement on PV modules/strings/fields up to 1500VDC (with PI and DAR calculation)
  • Open circuit voltage Voc up to 1500V in accordance with IEC/EN62446
  • Short circuit current Isc up to 40A in accordance with IEC/EN62446
  • Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA
  • Polarity
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NEMO 96 HDLe - Network monitor for low voltage

  • Measure: Active energy (Kl.0.5) or reactive energy (Kl.2)
  • Mains type: AC mains, 3/4-wire three-phase mains
  • Dimensions : front frame 96x96mm
  • Display : LCD with backlight
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ICP 40.2 - Precision Hand Pressure Pump

  • Testing, adjustment and calibration of all types of pressure gauges
  • 3 in 1: vacuum, low pressure and medium pressure calibration
  • Exact setting in the mbar range thanks to the ultra-fine thread pitch and large-volume control valve
  • Tool-free change between overpressure and vacuum generation
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