Measuring systems for compressed air and gases

From the supply line of a process to the process itself, there are many possibilities

Vortex flow measurement

Vortex flow measurement, also known as vortex flow measurement, is used to measure volume and...

Selection guide for electromagnetic flowmeters

To meet individual customer requirements and future system expansions

Coriolis mass flow measurement

Coriolis mass flow measurement measures the mass flow of a liquid flowing through a pipe

Electromagnetic flow measurement

With the magnetic-inductive flow measurement it is possible to measure conductive liquids with the highest

Ultrasonic flow measurement – ​​simply clamp-on

An ultrasonic flow measurement can be solved in two ways: either with the inline or...

Hydrostatic level measurement – How it works

Every liquid has an individual weight due to different densities and the

Are mechanical pressure gauges still useful?

Yes. Both mechanical and electronic pressure sensors have properties that are relevant to a process

Mechanical pressure switches – benefits and function

Pressure switches are mechanical or electrical switches that are actuated by the pressure of a...

Absolute, relative and differential pressure

Pressure is a force that is evenly distributed over a surface. A distinction is made...

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