• Dynamic range: 37 to 130 dB
  • Accuracy: ± 1.5 dB
  • Resolution: 0.1 dB
  • Time weighting: Fast, Slow
  • Frequency weighting: dB(A) et dB(C)
  • Storage of maximum value
  • Analogue output: 10 mV/dB and 1 VRMS - 600 Ohms
  • Tripod insert
  • Shockproof protective sheath
  • Dimensions: 237 x 60.5 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 230 g

  • Frequency evaluation according to characteristic curves A and C
  • Easy to adjust (adjustment screwdriver included in the scope of delivery)
  • Min./max. memory
  • Integrated tripod knuckle screw (1/4 inch)

Determine the noise level quickly, easily and reliably in your day-to-day work: with the testo 815 sound level meter.


  • Precise noise level measurements according to IEC 61672-1 Class 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2
  • Ideal for health and safety inspections and immission control
  • Integrated memory for up to 31 000 readings: long-term measuring possible
  • PC software for data analysis and USB cable for data transfer

The testo 816-1 sound level meter is the professional model in the Testo sound level meter series. It is designed specifically for measuring noise levels in the workplace, in public places and in industry and production. Includes data storage and analysis.


  • Measurement of the equivalent continuous sound level (Leq)
  • Recording of up to 64,000 measurement points
  • Wide backlit screen with digital display and bargraph
  • Microphone for remote use (extension accessory)
User Manual

The C.A 833 Calibrator is a standard source (1kHz) used for calibrating sound level meters.

  • Compliant with the IEC 942 type 2 standard
  • Calibration level: 94 and 114 dB
  • Usable microphone diameter: 2.5 cm / 1.3 cm /  0.64 cm

Noise measurement resolution 0,1 dB
Noise measuring range from 30 dB to 130 dB
Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Auto 30/130
Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Hi 80/130
Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Med 50/100
Internal memory for data saving 32.700 recordings
Backlit LCD display 4 digit
Device category (Class) IEC61672-1 Class 2
Mini-USB interface for PC connection
Auto Power OFF
-10°C / 60°C - <75%RH
Power supply 1x9V alkaline battery type IEC 6F22
Size (L x W x H) 260x65x50 mm
Weight 280 gr
User Manual