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The VarioSafe EXM 25 is a intrinsically safe multimeter for mining and chemical industries. Approved to ATEX for use in potentially explosive atmospheres up to 2000 V Ex I (mining) and 690 V Ex II (chemical industrie).

  • NEW: 2 kV-Test probe for groupe Ex I
  • universal for voltage, resistance, current, freqeuncy, temperature
  • for intrinsically safe and not intrinsically safe circuits up to 2000 V according to ATEX directive 2014/34/ EU
  • highest degree of safety provided by moulded protective resistors in DATA-HOLD test prods CAT IV, 1000 V
  • intrinsically safe source of energy NiMH accu or Li-battery
  • robust case made of antistatic plastic

The ΩMegaSafe is a easy testing ohmmeter for rapid testing according to VDE 0413 of protective and earth cables, equipotential bonding and lightning protection cables.The EP 4Ex is approved for use in EX II areas.


Compact, intrinsically safe high-ohm-meter for insulation resistance and leakage resistance test from 1 kΩ up to 2 TΩ with test voltage of 32, 100 oder 500 V. Approved to ATEX for Ex I and Ex II ranges.The ISO 1Ex saves time, with it anti-static floors and surfaces can be tested directly in ex-zones.


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