• Sensor principle Autocollimation
    • Light source Power LED with visible red light
    • Response time 500 µs
    • Range 0 … 500 mm (standard reflectors)
    • Pulsing frequency 500 Hz / 30000 min-1
    • Signal repetition rate Max. 500 Hz
    • Electrical connector M16 x 0.75, 5-pin
    • Body material Glass fiber reinforced
    • Ambient temperature -40 … 60 °C

    HySense sensors cover all important physical measurands of importance for diagnosis and condition monitoring of fluid-technical systems.

    The rotational speed sensor HySense® RS 210 works inductively and is able to detect the cogs of a cogwheel. After entering the number of cogs into the measuring instrument, a reliable rotational speed detection is assured. The sensor head must be mounted between 1.5 and 2 mm away from the cog wheel.


    • Sensor principle GMR effect
    • Frequency range 0.5 … 1800 Hz
    • Measuring accuracy ±1 pulse
    • Electrical connector M16 x 0.75, 5-pin / M16 x 0.75, 6-pin
    • Body material Aluminum
    • Ambient temperature -20 … 85 °C
    • IP degree of protection IP65 (DIN EN 60529)
    • Weight 60 g

    • Frequency range ~ 1...10000Hz
    • Automatic sensor detection and linearization ISDS
    • Robust design
    • IP degree of pro- tection of enclosure: IP67
    • housing: Aluminium, anodised
    • supply 8 .... 30 VDC
    • current 3 mA

    • Optical rpm measurements

    • LED measuring spot marking

    • Easy-to-read, backlit display for use in all lighting conditions

    • Long list of accessories including reflective markers, protective cap and belt bag

    For carrying out non-contact rpm measurements: the testo 460 tachometer with self-adhesive reflective markers, LED measurement spot marking and a long list of high-quality accessories.


      • Extremely easy one-handed operation
      • Saves mean/max./min. values, as well as the last measuring value
      • Robust tachometer – thanks in particular to the protective case (SoftCase) supplied
      • Includes reflective markers

      You can use the testo 465 tachometer for quick and easy rpm measurement on rotating parts such as fans and shafts.


        • Extremely high measurement range: up to 300 000 flashes per minute (fpm)
        • Very high illumination: up to 4800 Lux
        • Long operating times: battery power for up to 5 h
        • Trigger input and output for connectivity to external systems and control via external sensor

        Inspections and quality control of machines and systems, rotational speed measurements of hard-to-reach, small and fast-moving objects. And all while the machines are still running. No problem. No problem at all. With the testo 477 LED stroboscope.


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