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  • High power battery capacity test system
  • Discharging current up to 1300A with external loads (up to 9)
  • Graphical display showing test parameters, curves and results
  • Internal memory
  • Light and easy to carry, with handles and wheels
  • Shunt or clamp metering of an additional current
  • Suitable for all battery types

block voltages: +24VDC (0,0001V res.) battery voltage (DC): up to 600VDC (0,001V res) univeral sensor interface: +2,4VDC (0,00001V res.)


  • Easy to operate
  • Expandable up to 120 voltage inputs
  • Block voltage +/- 16,6 VDC
  • 600VDC CAT III (5000 VDC est voltage)
  • Parallel testing of battery systems possible

  • the perfect mobile test system for recurring battery tests. In interaction with an electronic load, the condition of a battery system (SOH) can be precisely determined during a capacity test.
  • Battery systems of up to 127 blocks can be tested. If desired, two batteries (with a reduced number of blocks) can be tested. The maximum block voltage is 15V.
  • The test system uses relays with an increased dielectric strength of 3000VDC. In addition, 4 parallel working measuring circuits for block voltage measurement are integrated, which are galvanically separated from each other (5000VDC)

  • test a single battery of up to 127 x 2V blocks
  • two batteries in parallel
  • max block voltage 15V.
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  • Intelligent modular battery monitoring
  • Flexible configurable for different applications
  • Continuous online measurement
  • Semiconductor switches (no relays)
  • Best performance /price ratio

  • Quality checks in the field, e. g. on wine and wine must (┬░Brix, ┬░KMW, Oechsle, Baum├ę)
  • Checks for wort and apparent extract in beer (┬░Plato)
  • Fermentation graph for each tank directly on the screen
  • One device replaces all glass hydrometers in the workplace
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  • No manual temperature correction required
  • You will receive the finished result: Values are displayed in% v / v (corrected to 20 ┬░ C and 15 ┬░ C for the Japanese market) or ┬░ Proof (corrected to 60 ┬░ F)
  • Accuracy of 0.2% v / v
  • The influence of viscosity on the density result is corrected automatically
  • Predefined calibration process with deionized water
  • New adjustment routine ensures alcohol measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.2% v / v, even at low measuring temperatures and low alcohol concentrations
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  • Accuracy of 0.1 %v/v
  • For on-site measurement at distilleries and craft distilleries
  • Sample identification via RFID tag
  • Store results and print or export them to a PC via Bluetooth┬« later on
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  • 3-digit digital density measurement from the market leader
  • Small is big: only 1 mL sample volume avoids wasting product
  • Big is bigger: 7ÔÇŁ glove-friendly touchscreen for great usability
  • No manual calculations due to 60+ conversion tables
  • Ready for pasty, inhomogeneous, particle-containing samples
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