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The Huminator II offers the possibility to perform a rapid and
easy humidity calibration of measuring instruments, sensors
and data loggers of all manufacturers.


The EP-Z600 line of portable humidity generators have built in battery for up to 8 hours and a 7 inch touchscreen display.

  • Touch screen display (7 inch)
  • Battery for up to 8 hours work
  • RS232/RS485/USB/LAN/WI-FI* support
  • Rugged case
  • Fast and stable control

The EP-Z6000 line of humidity generators have a high capacity and uniformity and a 9 inch touchscreen display.

  • Touch screen display (9 inch)
  • Chart Recorder Door
  • RS232/RS485/USB/LAN/WI-FI support
  • 2 Liter Chamber Capacity
  • Best Uniformity

Compact, light weight humidity generator featuring quick-change desiccant and improved air flow.

  • Quick Change Desiccant
  • Spill Resistant
  • Custom Probe Ports
  • 8.4 kg
  • ±1.0% r.H. or better
  • 30cm (D) x 46 cm (W) x 16 cm (H)

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