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  • Just one meter for single-phase and 3-phase connections
  • Wholly field programmable
  • Direct three-phase voltage input up to 500V and through V.T. 100 and 115V
  • Current input C.T/5A or /1A
  • True R.M.S. measurements
  • Measured quantity:
    • Active power
    • Reactive power
    • Apparent power
    • Power factor
    • Phase angle
    • Power demand
    • Frequency
  • Output possible with all standard signals
    • 0...5/10/20mA - 4...20mA
    • 0...10V - 1...5V

AUX 80...265 Vac/110...300 Vdc
FORMAT wall mounting
CURRENT 1 A (direct or from CT with programmable ratio)
VOLTAGE 80...690 V phase-phase (direct or from VT with programmable ratio)
TYPE Trasducer for a.c. networks with 4 analog outputs programmable through IDM software
MAIN single or three-phase 3/4 wire balanced or unbalanced load
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