Electronic personal alarm dosemeter GRAETZ ED150

  • Calibratable dosimeter for measuring gamma and X-ray radiation for the measurand Hp(10) (deep personal dose)
  • Detector: Energy-compensated Geiger-Müller counter tube
  • Optimum reading of measured values due to digital measured value display on angled LC display
  • Dose rate display at the touch of a button
  • Switchable acoustic single pulse detection
  • Menu-driven operator guidance
  • Storage of the dose value and the set parameters even when the battery is changed
  • 4 factory-set warning thresholds each for dose and dose rate (factory setting of customer-specific warning thresholds on request)
  • High reliability due to test function and continuous self-monitoring
  • Small, handy housing, well decontaminable
  • Waterproof up to 0.5 m diving depth, protection class IP67
  • Operating time approx. 1 year with one set of batteries under ambient radiation conditions

PV-EDW test device and PS 9 test source for extending calibration validity to 6 years