VEGA74 Three-phase quality analyser

  • 9 types of electrical systems available
  • DC/AC TRMS voltage for single-phase/three-phase systems up to 600V
  • Current DC/AC TRMS single-phase/three-phase systems up to 3000A
  • Active, Reactive and Apparent Power/Energy
  • Cosphi and Power Factor
  • Voltage, Current, DC Power
  • Neutral current measurement
  • Voltage dips and peaks on 20ms @50hz
  • Voltage dissymmetry (NEG%, ZERO%)
  • Voltage/current waveforms
  • Voltage/current harmonic histograms and THD%
  • Voltage/current vector diagram
  • Periodic recording with selectable PI between 2s and 30min
  • Maximum number of quantities that can be selected simultaneously 600
  • Voltage/current harmonic analysis up to the 49th
  • Calculation and recording THD% voltages/currents
  • Recording autonomy indication
  • Recording of leakage currents
User Manual